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We work with you to help you get the most from your investments. This is how we do it.

Our Investment Philosophy has evolved over the years and we are confident that the approach we use is based upon sound principles.


We will assess your tolerance for risk and construct a suitable investment portfolio. Your capital will be allocated across the different asset classes to obtain the highest potential for return taking into account your risk tolerance.


Research shows that diversification is the most important factor when investing return. It far outweighs other aspects such as market timing and security selection.


It is important to note the importance of time in the investment process as the benefit of diversification will be clear and significant over the longer term.


We aim to evolve change in your asset allocation over time rather than make any immediate changes. This reduces the possibility of adverse timing implications.


We make extensive use of passive type funds with low charges to obtain exposure to different asset classes and geographical regions.


For more information, please refer to our Investment Philosophy Factsheet.

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