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Paul is very approachable, clear, enthusiastic and well informed. He takes care to adjust the level of his advice to his client and to their changing needs. Transactions are effected promptly and carefully. - SD, Retired Doctor


As a client of Paul’s for approximately 20 years I have always been impressed by his conscientiousness and the high ethical code by which he has worked. This is reflected in both the financial products that he has recommended and his fee structure. The period during which I have been with Paul has been associated with many exposés of malpractice within the financial world, Paul has always managed to steer me clear of these. From the outset he has taken a stance against products and companies with hidden and high upfront or recurring fees. As a result of an adopted investment strategy in funds without these features and with the gradual evolution of investment profile in response to changes in market conditions, I have benefitted from pleasing levels of fund growth. In addition to investment recommendations Paul has also provided me with pension planning advice, in this regard he was early to highlight the potential problems of annual allowance tapering, before the popular financial press (or my accountants). I am happy to continue my long association with Paul and The Financial Planning Practice and strongly recommend their services. - AG, Doctor


Meticulous in planning advice and attention to detail - Paul takes a comprehensive overview of aspects of financial planning and takes a long term view. He has a strong sense of balancing advice to optimise return and minimise risk. He has spotted several potential issues which could have resulted in a loss. - MR, University Dean


I consulted Paul at the Financial Planning Practice shortly before my retirement for advice on consolidating my pension policies and providing the best long-term income. It was not a straightforward situation as there were a number of different providers involved, both in the UK and in Belgium. Paul took great care to weigh up all my assets and requirements, as well as my attitude towards risk, and has set up a pension plan and an ISA for me. He continues to manage those funds on my behalf. Paul clearly monitors developments in the field of pensions and how they affect his clients throughout the year, not just when an annual review comes round. He explains his recommendations clearly and in detail, and is extremely easy to communicate with. I have now been a client for three years and have no hesitation in recommending Paul and FPP to others. - RH, Retired Translator


I have been a client of the FPP for many years. I would highly recommend Paul and the team. I have always received clear, sound advice, delivered in a friendly and efficient manner. - NV - Doctor


Paul provides excellent advice across a range of products with an emphasis on long-term planning and minimising cost. He has a broad knowledge and is agnostic as to who the provider is - he looks for the best product or service for the customer. - AB, CEO


It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity of recommending Paul Turner of The Financial Planning Practice to others. Paul has been my financial adviser for over 20 years and over that period he has not just passively managed the financial affairs of my wife and myself but has always been on the watch for changes in the financial markets or in our personal circumstances requiring adjustments to our assets and investments. I have never had the slightest reason for doubting the soundness of Paul's advice and it has always been a pleasure to work with him as a person. - BR, Retired Doctor


Paul is excellent, he has been my advisor for over a decade. I trust him completely and he's helped me out enormously in the past when I'm in a pickle, and is always a prompt repsonder and gives you the time you need if you need to speak to him. He will present you with options and help you decide, is very honest and believable. - JR, NHS Consultant


I was recommended Paul Turner by a friend and have now been receiving advice from him for 16 years and I have in turn recommended him to close friends who I know are wholly satisfied with the service they receive. He and his team are always quick to repsond to any queries or changes in circumstances I have as well as being proactive in flagging up any changes in, for example, tax and pension law and being specific about how this might affect me. Paul offers an exemplary service which leaves you feeling like it is important to him to understand you as an individual and handcraft the product needed rather than just trying to sell you something off the shelf which might not quite be the right fit - I would highly recommend him. - NM, Doctor


Paul has proven to be very thorough in his approach to understanding my circumstances and the reasons behind my transfer request. His initial approach was to get to know about me to ensure that as a potential client we would be able to build a positive working relationship and that above all else a transfer was right for me. From my perspective Paul as shown to have in depth knowledge and understanding of the pension markets and ever changing economic world. He has also been keen to listen to my ideas and expectations with a view to treating our business relationship as an ongoing partnership. Paul has implemented a sensible long term pension plan for me, built upon his sound advice and experience. Everything has been transparent and clear. In addition Paul is supported by an excellent team who have proven to be both attentive and efficient. - AB, Finance Administrator


Paul established my requirements in terms of pension planning. He was very patient and made the confusing and complicated world of pensions clearer. He understood my situation and my goals and offered me clear advice accordingly. I am extremely happy with the advice and the service that I received from Paul and his team. I followed Paul's advice and am very happy with the result. - GH, Customer Service Adviser


Paul has an excellent knowledge of the pension and investment markets, legislation and taxation. He is able to explain the choices and effects in straightforward terms to his clients. His attention to detail and dedication to his clients is top notch, making working with him error- and stress-free. - SB, CEO


Responds promptly to questions and queries. Always tries to give a balanced and evidence based answer. Reviews and responds appropriately to changes in my financial situation. I am happy that Paul acts honestly and openly and am happy to recommend him to colleagues. - JB, Retired Doctor


Paul has been invaluable in giving me financial advice on a number of occasions...highly recommended! He is more than happy to be completely transparent regarding fees which is most refreshing. - CM, Surgeon


Paul has advised us for many years and I am very pleased with the service he has provided. - IS, Plant Manager


I have known Paul in a professional capacity for 20 years.  In that time I have received sound advice from him on matters of mortgages, income protection, health and life insurance, investments and pensions.  I trust his judgement and feel he has taken considerable time in understanding the health care sector.   I am confident that he puts my needs and potential needs first when offering advice and understands my  attitude to risk.  I have no reservations in recommending Paul and his team to anyone seeking financial advice - MH, Dentist


Paul is very personable and easy to talk to and makes the subject of 'Financial Planning' much more understandable; He is conscientious, dedicated and always acts on what is best for his client, and I have always been very impressed with the amount of effort Paul puts in on my behalf. A Financial Advisor is only as good as his results, and so far his results for me have been excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and The Financial Planning Practice to anyone. - SM, Software Engineer


Paul knows mine and my family's needs, especially as doctors. He understands attitude to risk and respects that. He is always up to date, which I find most confidence inspiring - whether choosing a mortgage or an insurance policy or the best bank account. Paul respects the fact that I have no fundamental interest and a poor understanding of all things fiscal, though need to be secure and sure of my investments, levels of cover, tax liabilities etc. and explains matters in terms that I understand. - DW, Doctor

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